Question: What is the derby known for?

It contains the southern part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. With the arrival of the railways in the 19th century, Derby became a centre of the British rail industry. Derby is a centre for advanced transport manufacturing, being home to the worlds second largest aero-engine manufacturer: Rolls-Royce.

What Derbyshire famous for producing?

Dairy farming is economically the most important agricultural sector in Derbyshire, producing 573 million litres of milk a year, worth over £170m. Milk is bottled or processed into butter, cream, yogurt and cheeses including the king of cheeses, Stilton.

Is Normanton Derby a nice place to live?

It may have its fair share of critics but there are plenty of people who think that Normanton is the best place to live in Derby. With a diverse community, endless food outlets and dozens of big annual events, there are plenty of reasons to praise the area. Its even home to Britains first public park, The Arboretum.

Is chaddesden rough?

Beauty salon owner Mrs Davis said part of the reason for launching the group was to dispel a stereotype that Chaddesden is rough and unwelcoming. She said: Chaddesden isnt a rough place. There are some beautiful places in Chaddesden and has got a lot going for it.

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