Question: What does being a care worker involve?

booking and going with people to appointments. helping with personal care such as support with showering and dressing. supporting people with eating and drinking. monitoring individuals conditions by taking their temperature, pulse, respiration and weight, and possibly helping with medication.

What is the main duties and responsibilities of a carer?

The job revolves around helping clients with their immediate needs such as washing, dressing and maintaining their hygiene, as well as helping them with basic day-to-day or administrative tasks like paying bills.

Why do you want to be a care worker?

Being a Care Assistant means making a positive difference in someones life. Making a real change to the lives of the people you care for and their community of friends and family. Becoming a Care Assistant will also allow you to lead a fuller, more compassionate life.

What should I say in a care interview?

Sample Care Worker Interview QuestionsWhat do you think a care worker does? What qualities do you bring to the role? Can you provide an example of previous teamwork? Can you outline how youve dealt with a stressful experience? Have you cared for anyone before; either for a loved one or in a voluntary capacity?

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