Question: Does Nisekoi anime end?

3 Answers. The first episode of season 2 starts at 51 chapter of manga and the last episode ends at chapter 106, but there was one filler episode (6th or 7th) with something like Madoka (I closed it right after I saw whats there).

Does the Nisekoi anime have an ending?

The Ending: the Promise Girl At the end of the anime, it is revealed that Kosaki is the promise girl. While most of us were rallying behind Chitoge Kirisaki, we were eventually proven wrong.

Will there be Season 3 of Nisekoi?

The anime series Nisekoi includes romance and comedy. The series Nisekoi has received a very positive response from critics. It is one of the popular anime series. The series Nisekoi is not renewed for the third season yet.

Is Nisekoi really over?

The Nisekoi ending left the viewers with shock and surprise. Few viewers did hate the ending of the series. According to them, the showrunners beautifully developed the chemistry between Raku and Kosaki and just ended it just like that. They wanted to see Raku and Kosaki as a couple.

When did Nisekoi anime end?

It aired weekly between January 11, 2014 and May 24, 2014 on MBS and a number of Japanese nationwide channels such as Tokyo MX, tvk, TV Aichi and some others, while outside Japan, it is streamed by Crunchyroll and Daisuki with subtitles in English and other languages. It ran for 20 episodes.

Who married Onodera Nisekoi?

Yusuke Miyanagi is the Deuteragonist of Nisekoi. He is a companion and best friend of Raku, he was in love with Kosaki Onodera and confess to her though rejected due to liking Raku, And ending up with unstable relationship with Raku and Onodera.

Who Onodera end up with?

She returned to Japan to marry Raku and kissed him at the end. Apparently shes quite successful at being a fashion designer since she tours the world and all. It is revealed that Onodera is the girl of Rakus promise and she managed to tell Raku her true feelings causing Raku to cry and then Onodera cried as well.

Who Raku end up with?

After Marika withdraws from pursuing him, she reveals to him that he loves both Kosaki and Chitoge, and should choose between them. Raku realizes that he does like Chitoge beyond just friends, and despite learning that Kosaki was his promised girl, he ultimately chooses Chitoge.

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