Question: Where does Demon King Live?

The Demon King (魔王) is a character and protagonist from Live A Live from the King of Demons scenario. He is encountered only as a statue at the top of Devil´s Peak.

Where is the Demon King?

The Demon King and the other members of the Demon Clan were eventually sealed away after losing the Holy War. While the rest of his clan was sealed in the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, he was imprisoned in the Purgatory.

Is the Demon King alive?

After two days of being a cocoon, the Demon King emerges now inside the body of Zeldris. After assassinating Cusack affirming that he has already fulfilled his purpose, the Demon King indirectly tells Meliodas that he is still alive.

Who are the sons of the Demon King?

The Demon King was born from an ancient entity known as Chaos shortly following the worlds creation as the personification of darkness. Using his power, he created the Demon Realm and the Demons in his image, and even sired two sons, Meliodas and Zeldris.

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