Question: What is the main point of news flash?

On television or the radio, a newsflash is an important, timely piece of news thats delivered quickly. If a tornado is headed for your city, your favorite soap opera will be interrupted by a newsflash.

What is the purpose of news broadcasting?

News and entertainment Most people agree that the purpose of the news media - newspapers, magazines, radio and television - is to inform, to educate and to entertain. However, the purpose of the news itself is to inform and to educate your readers, listeners or viewers.

How does Newsflash work?

A newsflash is a quick glance at the latest news. Sometimes, during major events, you will get new information in the space of just a few hours. A newsflash gives the listeners the latest developments. It points out and informs, but does not offer developed stories.

What is meant by flash news?

/ˈnuːz.flæʃ/ a short news report on radio or television, giving the most recent information about an important or unexpected event.

What is the meaning of industriously?

1 : constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupied : diligent an industrious worker. 2 obsolete : skillful, ingenious.

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