Question: Who created the Sword of Truth?

Why did the sword of truth turn black?

The Sword of Truths magic and its power of truth is all part of its purpose as the key to the Boxes of Orden. When held over a box, the blade turns either white or black. By striking the box over which the blade turns white, the wielder can gain the power of Orden.

When did the sword of truth come out?

The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3: Wizards First Rule, Blood of the Fold ,Stone of Tears Paperback – Box set, November 1, 1998.

Is Richard Rahl dead?

With a smile of his face he was crushed to death by the occult powers of Hannis Arc. The Bond of Rahl returns to Richard, as he desimates all of the remaining half people with one last burst of War Wizard Fire leaving only Hannis Arch & Emperor Sulachan.

Who is the father of the Seeker?

Zeddicus Zul ZoranderFull name:Zeddicus Zul ZoranderFamily:Carracticus Zorander (Father) Thaddicus Zorander (Brother) Erylin Zorander (Wife) Tarralyn Zorander (Daughter) Richard Cypher (Grandson) Jennsen Rahl (Granddaughter)Species:HumanGender:Male

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