Question: What is the fourth phase of the business continuity plan?

The fourth phase is the Recovery phase. Most business continuity professionals spend a lot of time on the Recovery phase because it involves the creation of the Business Continuity Plan. Recovery includes all of the steps taken to continue core business operations after an event.

Which are important elements of continuity of operations plan?

Elements of the continuity plan will include a brief definition of essential district functions, an order of succession and delegation of authority, vital communications with staff and community; continuity of facilities, vital records management, devolution of control and direction, and reconstitution contingencies, ...

What is the purpose of a Continuity of Operations Plan?

A continuity of operations plan (COOP), as defined in the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan and the National Security Presidential Directive 51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20, is an effort to ensure that Primary Mission-Essential Functions continue to be performed during a wide range of ...

What should a devolution plan include?

Devolution is used in the case of catastrophic events. The devolution template sectio includes personnel records and databases, prepositioned information, telecommunications, information system support, TT&E, and security. Devolution cannot be part of continuity.

Who falls under continuity of government?

§ 19). This runs from the Vice President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, President pro tempore of the Senate, and then through the Cabinet secretaries in a sequence specified by Congress. Continuity of government plans are not limited to the federal government.

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