Question: Is Ryosuke Takahashi a doctor?

Qualifications: Professor Ryosuke Takahashi, MD, PhD graduated from Kyoto University, Japan in 1983. He completed his neurology residency in Kyoto University Hospital and its affiliated hospitals and worked as a staff neurologist at Tokyo Metropolitan Neurological Hospital.

What is Ryosuke Takahashi job?

Ryōsuke TakahashiRyosuke Takahashi高橋 良輔BornJapanOccupationDirectorNotable workArmored Trooper VOTOMS, Fang of the Sun Dougram, Blue Comet SPT Layzner

How tall is Ryosuke?

162 cm Kominato RyōsukeDate of birth6 AprilPlace of birthKanagawa PrefectureBloodtypeBHeight162 cm18 more rows

Is kominato Haruichi a girl?

Kominato HaruichiGenderMaleAge15 (debut) 16Date of birth1 MarchPlace of birthKanagawa Prefecture20 more rows

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