Question: Which Indian products are issued with Eco Mark?

The Eco mark Scheme covers 17 various product categories like Soaps and Detergents, Paints, Food Items, lubricating oils, Packaging materials/Package, Architectural Paints and Powder Coatings, Batteries, Electrical and electronic goods, Food Additives, Wood Substitutes, Cosmetics, Aerosols, and Propellants, Plastic ...

What is the symbol of Ecomark in India?

earthern pot An earthern pot has been chosen as the logo for the Ecomark scheme in India. The familiar earthern pot uses a renewable resource like earth, does not produce hazardous waste and consumes little energy in making. Its solid and graceful form represents both strength and fragility, which also characterises the eco-system.

Why the Ecomark is used?

Eco-mark is a voluntary labelling scheme for easily identifying environment friendly products. The Eco-mark scheme defines as an environmentally friendly product, any product which is made, used or disposed of in a way that significantly reduces the harm it would otherwise cause the environment.

What kind of ISO certification does the eco friendly product have?

The ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard created in 1996 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and forms part of the ISO14000 series of environmental standards.

Which one is the Ecomark of our country *?

The scheme was launched by the Ministry of Environment and Forests with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for labelling of environment-friendly products. The ecomark symbol in India is Matka or the earthen pot.

What are the major objectives of national environmental policy in India?

To ensure equitable access to environmental resources and quality for all sections of society, and in particular, to ensure that poor communities, which are most dependent on environmental resources for their livelihoods, are assured secure access to these resources.

Is half helmet allowed in India?

Half helmets are legal if they have ISI certification, says Bureau of Indian Standards. Bengaluru: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has clarified that there are no restrictions on half helmets as long as they have an ISI mark. Even the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act specifies ISI or BIS-approved helmets.

What is the procedure to get ISI mark?

Who can utilize the ISI Mark ? Submitting an application at the nearest BIS office. A BIS officer will then evaluate at the factory level, the capability of the producer to produce goods according to the standards laid down for the category. Sample of products are tested at the factory and outside.

Who gives ISI mark?

BIS ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark is a product certification scheme by BIS. ISI mark is used for industrial items in India post ascertainment of the products compliance with the required standards.

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