Question: How do I choose an electric pressure cooker?

What should I look for in a electric pressure cooker?

Look for stainless-steel cookers. Aluminum pressure cookers are less expensive, but also less durable, and the aluminum can react to acidic foods. Electric pressure cookers come with programmable features for cooking times and settings for different cooking functions (browning, simmering, sautéing, and warming).

What size electric pressure cooker do I need?

If you will typically cook meals for 4 people or less, a 3 or 6 quart size electric pressure cooker should be perfect. If you have a larger family or you like to prepare large roasts or batch cook, you should consider purchasing an 8 quart size.

Are all electric pressure cookers the same?

Electric pressure cookers have a varied maximum pressure between manufacturers and models. Depending on the model one could reach only 6 PSI, while other models could reach 8, 9, 10, 11 or 13psi – some claim to cook 15psi though we have not found this to be true. Some have only one pressure setting, others have two.

What brand is the best pressure cooker?

Here are the 7 best pressure cookers you can buy online:Most Popular: Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker.Easiest to Use: T-Fal Clipso Pressure Cooker.Best for Experienced Cooks: Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure Cooker.Best for Crispy Food: Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker.

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