Question: Where can I farm awake code veins?

You can find a certain amount of Awake MJ212 by just exploring the world, but to get the most youll need to farm it a little. There are two major locations in the game that are good for Awake MJ212 farming: 1. Cathedral of the Sacred Blood - this is a good, regular places for enemies to drop Awake MJ212.

Where can I buy awake code veins?

You may find Awake MJ212 in the following Locations: Cathedral of the Sacred Blood: In the part of the walkthrough named The Cathedral, from the Mistle youll find a path that you can drop down to - youll find 1x Awake MJ212 on the ground.

Where can I get MJ310 code vein?

Depths: Misty Ruins: In the part of the walkthrough named Entrance Mistle, you will find a Parched Executioner at the corner, kill it then pick up 1x Awake MJ310 thats next to it.

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