Question: What is the best gun in Apex 2021?

What is the most accurate gun in Apex Legends?

[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Accurate GunsEva-8 Shotgun. the “Doof Doof”. Hemlok Burst AR. The only burst rifle in the Apex that is accurate and damaging. Charge rifle Sniper. Introduced in season 3 this high-powered laser sniper is laser-accurate. Wingman Pistol. Spitfire LMG. FlatLine AR. Prowler SMG. VOLT SMG. •15 Jul 2021

Does the Longbow count as a sniper?

The venerable Longbow DMR is a powerful, fast-firing sniper rifle that has unfortunately been eclipsed by its many rivals over recent seasons. But the Longbow is capable of eviscerating teams over great distances.

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