Question: How do you find the expected value of potential energy?

How do you calculate expected kinetic energy?

10:3211:21Quantum LHO 19 : Expectation of Kinetic Energy Operator - YouTubeYouTube

What is the formula for initial kinetic energy?

Initial kinetic energy KE = 1/2 m1v12 + 1/2 m2v22 = joules. The following calculation expects you to enter a final velocity for mass m1 and then it calculates the final velocity of the other mass required to conserve momentum and calculates the kinetic energy either gained or lost to make possible such a collision.

How do you find the kinetic energy of a gas?

Calculating Kinetic Energy in an Ideal GasTo figure the total kinetic energy, you multiply the average kinetic energy by the number of molecules you have, which is nNA, where n is the number of moles:NAk equals R, the universal gas constant, so this equation becomes the following:

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