Question: What is Romancecar Hakone?

The Romancecar is an Odakyu limited express train with reserved seating only. It links Shinjuku with the popular holiday spots of Hakone, Enoshima and Kamakura, areas loved by tourists from Japan and overseas.

How much is Romancecar to Hakone?

Fares by Originating StationRouteLimited express surcharge + regular fareTotalShinjuku Station - Hakone Yumoto Station1,110 yen + 1,220 yen2,330 yenShinjuku Station - Katase-Enoshima Station630 yen + 640 yen1,270 yenOtemachi Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line) - Hakone-Yumoto Station1,320 yen + 1,360 yen2,680 yen

Why are cars called romance?

The name comes from romance seats, two-person seats without separating armrests when one-person seats were a norm. Some Romancecars are equipped with standard seats featuring armrests.

How do I get from Hakone to Shinjuku?

First, get on an express train or rapid express of the Odakyu Line heading to Odawara Station. The ride takes about 90 to 95 minutes. Next, change trains to the Odakyus Hakone Tozan Line and ride for about 15 minutes until you reach Hakone-Yumoto Station. The ride from Shinjuku to Hakone costs 1,220 yen in total.

Is the Hakone Free Pass worth it?

Whether youre taking a day trip to Hakone from Tokyo, or looking to spend a couple of days exploring this beautiful destination, its well worth the time, effort and cost. The Hakone Free Pass makes everything simple and convenient. Its a one time fee and youre free to explore the Hakone Loop as you please.

How many days should I spend in Hakone?

How long to stay in Hakone. I suggest staying at least 2 days and 2 nights in order to spend time relaxing in an onsen, seeing the historical sights, and visiting the Hakone Open Air Museum. If you have more time, you can do three days and add in some more strenuous hiking, more onsen bathing, or more museum touring.

Is Hakone worth visiting?

Hakone is a must-visit destination for the Japanese that are willing to take a break from the vibrant Tokyo. However, ignoring Hakone in your itinerary could be a mistake and certainly make you leave Japan with a little regret. Hakone is worth it as a day trip from Tokyo or on the way to Kyoto or Osaka.

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