Question: Why did senku divorce Ruri?

In order to identify Ruris illness and cure her, Senku participated and won the Village tournament. After he was crowned chief, Senku married Ruri for barely a day before he divorced her after identifying the root of her sickness.

Does Chrome and Ruri get together?

Though Chrome won the battle, Senku ultimately marries and divorces Ruri soon after. Since the Grand Bout has likely been abolished by Senku, it is implied in later chapters that Ruri in fact reciprocates his feelings.

Is Dr Stone season 2 out?

Stone, season 2, premieres May 15th at 1:00a!

Is Dr Stone season 2 over?

Japanese anime series Dr Stone recently concluded with the season 2 finale episode on March 25. Japanese anime series Dr Stone recently concluded its second season on Thursday, March 25.

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