Question: How does tendency work in demon Souls?

Demons Souls World Tendency is one of the defining systems in the game. World Tendency changes with the decisions you make - wherein good decisions will shift towards White World Tendency, while bad decisions shift it towards Black. Think of it like a karma or morality system.

How do you shift character tendency in Demons Souls?

Defeating all five will move the Character Tendency from Neutral to Pure White (it takes two playthroughs, or 10 kills, to go from pure black to pure white offline). Killing these will also move the World Tendency +3 towards white.

How do you increase your tendency in Demons Souls?

The main way to achieve Pure White World Tendency (often abbreviated as PWWT) is to defeat any of Demons Souls difficult bosses. In most areas, each boss the player defeats will increase their World Tendency by 45%, meaning beating all three will result in achieving pure white.

How do you get tendency in Black Demons Souls?

To get Black or Pure Black World Tendency, then you must repeatedly die in Body Form in that particular area. Just use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes in order to do this, which will resurrect you to Body Form.

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