Question: Can you put paper money in a piggy bank?

There are coin slot and paper money auto roll-in functions, you can either insert coins or roll money in. Besides using PIN code to unlock this piggy bank first, you will also need to unlock the piggy bank with your fingerprint and then rotate the button so it will unlock.

How do you get paper money out of a piggy bank?

So grab a large knife and insert it into the slot while you keep the piggy bank upside down. Shake a little and the coins will slide along the knife out of the pig. Hint: Dont ever put paper money in your piggy bank. If you are able to get it out, it will mostly be in pieces.

How do you break open a piggy bank without breaking it?

1:258:28without breaking the piggy bank! $aving $afe! Wheel thrown potteryYouTube

How do you open a full piggy bank?

How to Open a Piggy BankPlace the piggy bank on a flat surface, such as a counter or desk. Money will come rushing out of the bottom of the bank. Use a hammer to open porcelain and glass piggy banks. Vacuum the area around the bank to pick up small pieces of a broken piggy bank.

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