Question: Does Clancy love Ruby?

Clancy offers to teach Ruby how to better control her powers. During their lessons they appear to develop somewhat of a friendship, although it is implied that Clancy has one-sided romantic feelings towards Ruby. During one session together, Clancy uses his powers to make Ruby kiss him.

Who does Ruby fall in love with in The Darkest Minds?

Liam Stewart. Coles younger brother by three years, Liam Michael Stewart is a blue and Rubys love interest throughout the series.

What did Clancy Gray do to Ruby?

Ruby was fooled at first by Clancys East River act, but she saw him for who he was when he sexually assaulted her, and looked into all of her memories without her permission. She managed to escape him, and in Never Fade, she even manages to take him hostage in the Childrens League.

Do Liam and Ruby end up together in afterlight?

They, together with Chubs and Vida go to Leda Corp on a rescue mission to save Ruby. Liam is eventually reunited with a comatose Ruby before he needs to leave in order to find a new place to rebuild Haven after its destruction, leaving Ruby in Chubs care.

Does Clancy die in in the afterlight?

Twice! But somehow, Clancy is the kid that never dies and its frustrating! He deserved everything that came to him and Im so so glad hes now stripped of his powers- take that, Clancy!!! Im happy that Ruby was the one to go back to Thurmond- it held a nice symmetry to the trilogy which I liked.

What happened after Liam chubs and Ruby decided to leave East River?

Once they find Liam, they escape East River. They go to Jacks father to give him the letter. After reading it, he shoots Chubs. Unable to help Chubs herself, Ruby activates the panic button that Cate gave her.

What happened to Zu in the darkest minds movie?

Zu was sent away by her parents after she short-circuited her dads car in the middle of a freeway.

Does Liam get his memory back?

Liam lost his memories of Fallon and the past two years of his life in the season three episode, Guilt Trip to Alaska. He regained them in A Used Up Memory.

What did Ruby see on the clipboard Cate left in the room with her?

After Cate leaves, Ruby finds that she left her clipboard and takes a look at it. Inside the clipboard, she finds a note to Ruby saying that Thurmond is beginning to realize that shes an Orange and will kill her. It contains a bag of pills, meant for Ruby to eat that night.

Does zu lose her powers?

Powers. As a Yellow, Zu is able to control and manipulate any electrical current. At first she is unable to control these powers and has to use rubber gloves to avoid frying anything or anyone she touches, but she eventually gains control of her powers.

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