Question: What is nekar?

The correct meaning of nekar in English is Knickers. In Hindi, it is written as निकर. Knickers is a noun, (used with a plural verb) according to parts of speech.

What does peddars mean?

1. a person who sells from door to door or in the street. 2. a person who tries to promote some cause, candidate, viewpoint, etc. Sometimes, pedlar, pedler.

What do we say Chandi in English?

Silver is a valuable greyish-white metal used for making jewellery and ornaments.

Why is it called Peddars Way?

History of the Peddars Way Later, in the 15th and 16th Century this route was named the Peddars Way in honour of the pilgrims who walked to the religious village of Walsingham and the Priory there. This was, and still is, an extremely important pilgrimage route.

What does Chandi mean in Telugu?

Telugu Meaning. చండి the fierce / malevolent aspect of Devi, Usage.

How long is peddlers way?

74 km Peddars Way/Length

How old is Peddars Way?

It is first mentioned on a map of 1587 AD. It starts at Knettishall Heath in Suffolk (near the Norfolk-Suffolk border, about 7 km or 4 mi east of Thetford), and it links with the Norfolk Coast Path at Holme-next-the-Sea.

What do peddlers normally sell?

A peddler is a specific type of salesperson: someone who travels from town to town selling their wares. Peddlers — also known as hawkers and pitchmen — travel from town to town, especially with a carnival or circus. Peddlers are also found on the street, selling many different things, from jewelry to DVDs.

What is a sentence for peddler?

Peddler sentence example Try The Vintage Peddler for some good choices. A while later, she moved up to the popular Fan Fare as a T-shirt peddler . One night a poor Italian peddler died in Roosevelt Street. Louis Fischer, the son of a fish peddler , was born in Philadelphia on 29th February, 1896.

What is chundi English?

cut kill. Last Update: 2016-12-11.

How do you write Chandi in Urdu?

Antonyms For Silver , Opposite to Silver There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Chandi in English is Silver, and in Urdu we write it چاندی. The other meanings are Chandi, Naqra and Same. By form, the word Silver is an noun. It is spelled as [sil-ver].

How long does it take to walk Peddars Way?

around 8 days How long does it take to complete the Trail? It takes around 8 days to walk the Trail. You might want to take a little longer if you want to explore along the way.

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