Question: How many Tsums are in a coin bubble?

Bubbles are created during a game when you connect 7 or more Tsums together in a chain.

How many coins are in a Tsum?

Manually playing: will receive around 2000 coins per game, which cost approximately 2.5 mins per game. (Level 6 skills can clear around 28 to 32 Tsums, and get something between 180 to 220 coins.

Which Tsum has time bubbles?

Shivering Piglet will create a Time Bubble after his clear skill ends. Holiday Marie will transform all Marie Tsums into Bubbles for a short time. Spring Miss Bunny will create large random Bubbles, similar to the enlarged Bubbles Baymax will transform.

What is the best Tsum for coins?

Good for Earning CoinsGadget Hackwrench.Rugby Mickey (Charm)Scheming Pete.Beast.

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