Question: Can you save Mikes fingers?

BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE (Amputate Fingers): If you amputate Mikes two fingers, hell still be able to keep the machete intact for use in Chapter 9. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Also, if you decided to IGNORE the bear trap altogether, Mike will still keep hold of the machete and not lose any fingers.

What happens if you dont kick the wolf in until dawn?

You have the option to kick the wolf or do nothing. If you allow the action timer to run out, Wolfie will leave Mike alone and lie down. If Mike approaches Wolfie, he will have the choice to back away or get closer.

Can Mike survive in until dawn?

If Mike survived until dawn, he will appear in the police interviews in the end credits. If he shot Emily, he will be distressed and will try to defend his actions to the police. If Sam was killed, he will state that the Wendigo came out of nowhere, and he left Josh behind after hearing him scream.

How do you keep Sam alive?

If you (playing as Sam) choose to Run or Run for Switch and there are still characters in the lodge, they will be burned alive. Only when Sam is the lone character left inside can you choose to run outside. This will take you to the final cutscenes of the game, and there is no need for us to spoil it for you.

What is the Butterfly Effect game?

The Butterfly Effect is a gameplay mechanic in Until Dawn, which forces the player to make decisions which will affect the outcome of the game. Depending on their choices, a certain character could die or the relationship between characters could change, bringing them closer or further apart.

What happens if you dont amputate Mikes fingers?

AMPUTATE FINGERS Approaching the trap is OPTIONAL and does not affect the storyline. BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE (Open Bear Trap): If you decide to keep all of Mikes fingers, Mike will end up destroying the machete, which he wont be able to use in Chapter 9.

Is Josh bad until dawn?

Joshua Josh Washington, also called The Psycho, is one of the eight main protagonists and the (former) secondary antagonist of the 2015 video game Until Dawn.

Should I run or hide Sam?

Sam can choose to throw the vase or run, but either choice will lead to Sam progressing into the next room. She can choose to hide underneath the bed in the next room or running downstairs.

Why is Until Dawn so good?

So what did Until Dawn get right other than the slasher-flick setting? Meaningful player choice, do-or-die consequences, acting, scripting, and twists and turns you wont see coming. It also makes you realize that, under pressure, you too do the absurd things you see characters in slasher flicks do.

Is there a way to save Mikes fingers in until dawn?

Mike finds the machete stabbed in a table in the Sanatorium in Chapter 5. If he interacts with a moving arm, his fingers will get caught in a bear trap, where then, Mike can use the machete to either cut off his fingers or open the bear trap. The latter will render it unusable.

Should Emily keep the flare gun?

Keep Flare Gun If Emily keeps the gun for herself, she will have the option to either shoot or stow it. Shooting the flare gun will make it unusable in a later situation. Successfully shooting it will allow her to escape without being bitten.

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