Question: What do goblet cells release?

Goblet cells are specialized for the synthesis and secretion of mucus. They acquired their name for their typical goblet, cup-like, appearance formed by the mucin granulae that fill up the cytoplasm (Figure 1).

What do goblet cells secrete into?

mucin Goblet cells arise from pluripotent stem cells and derive their name from their goblet, cup-like appearance. The primary function of goblet cells is to secrete mucin and create a protective mucus layer.

Where do goblet cells secrete mucus?

Goblet cellsDefinitionModified epithelial cells that secrete mucus on the surface of mucous membranes of intestines and airwaysStainingPeriodic acid Schiff method (PAS)MorphologyBasal part – nucleus, mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex Apical part – vesicles with mucins3 more rows

Is mucus produced by goblet cells?

The goblet cell of the gastrointestinal tract is specialized in producing and secreting mucus. As MUC2 mucin is the major structural molecule of the intestinal mucus, the assembly of this large and complex molecule is a major task for the goblet cell (64;65).

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