Question: Is for example a connective?

Phrases like as well as and in addition to can connect different phrases or sentences together in much the same way as single words like and. As well as this, conjunctions are sometimes used at the start of a sentence, rather than in the middle. Other examples of connective phrases include: For instance.

What type of conjunction is for example?

The following chart lists the most common types of conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs. (Coordinating conjunctions connect two equal parts of a sentence.)...accordinglyin factbesidesmoreoverconsequentlynamelyfinallyneverthelessfor exampleotherwise7 more rows

What connective is used for conjunctions?

In a conjunction, two or more propositions that are stated as true at the same time are joined by the connective “and,” as in the statement “Life is short, and art is long.” In a sentence such as “If the weather remains mild and there is no frost, then there will be a good harvest,” the connective is “If . . . then.” ...

What are the 10 examples of connectives?

Subordinating Conjunctions1. BecauseShe usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.2. AlthoughAlthough he speaks seldom, he says meaningful words.3. WhereasShe is very funny whereas he is boring.4. ButI am very hungry, but the fridge is empty.5. BesidesShe speaks three languages besides Spanish.5 more rows

Is the word as a connective?

Words that connect words, phrases, or clauses are called connectives. The primary connectives are: Conjunctions (as, and, but, if, or, etc.) ...

What are the 7 types of conjunctions?

There are seven coordinating conjunctions, they are - for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. The easiest way to remember these conjunctions is with an acronym called FANBOYS. Among all these conjunctions “so” can be used both as coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

What are the connective words?

A connective is a word or phrase that links clauses or sentences. Connectives can be conjunctions (eg but, when, because) or connecting adverbs (eg however, then, therefore).

Which connective is used in English?

Connectivesare words or phrases that link sentences (or clauses) together. Connectivescan be conjunctions (when, but, because) prepositions or adverbs, and we use them constantly in written and spoken English. Connectives are the often overlooked smaller functional words that help us link our writing together.

What are 10 conjunctions examples?

Examples of ConjunctionsI tried to hit the nail but hit my thumb instead.I have two goldfish and a cat.Id like a bike for commuting to work.You can have peach ice cream or a brownie sundae.Neither the black dress northe gray one looks right on me.My dad always worked hard so we could afford the things we wanted.

What are the conjunctions words?

A conjunction is a word that is used to connect words, phrases, and clauses. There are many conjunctions in the English language, but some common ones include and, or, but, because, for, if, and when. There are three basic types of conjunctions: coordinating, subordinating, and correlative.

What does Aaawwubbis stand for?

AAAWWUBBIS refers to the most common words used to make complex sentences: after, although, as, when, while, until, because, before, if, since. I can never remember how to spell AAAWWUBBIS or all of the words contained in the acronym, but its easy to say.

What are the 3 most common conjunctions?

The most common coordinating conjunctions are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so; you can remember them by using the mnemonic device FANBOYS.

What is a connective word examples?

Connectives used in complex sentences include after, although, as, because, if, since, unless, when. For example, the below sentences are examples of how you can insert connectives inbetween clauses to create a complex sentence. I love roast potatoes, although my mum prefers them mashed.

How do you use connective words?

connectives are used as connecting words within a sentence. addition, sequence, consequence and/or contrast. They are also used to indicate reason and time. — Connectives can be one word or a phrase.

What is another word for connective?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for connective, like: combinative, combinatorial, conjugational, conjunction, combinational, conjugative, conjunctional, connectional, assemble, connection and connexion.

What is connective sentence?

Conjunction or Connectives connectives are used as connecting words within a sentence. — They are generally used to indicate different purposes, such as. addition, sequence, consequence and/or contrast. They are also used to indicate reason and time.

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