Question: How do I get to Yeavering bell?

Where to park for Yeavering Bell?

the Gefrin lay-by Parking is at the Gefrin lay-by, under the shadow of Yeavering Bell, on the north side of the B6351 between Wooler and Kirknewton, just west of Yeavering. The layby is on the north side of the road (the eastbound lane).

Where do you park to walk the Cheviot?

Park at the popular grassy parking area near the end of the single track road up Harthope Valley, just before Langleeford Farm. Take the usual Cheviot route by walking westwards along the road. Almost immediately, leave the road at a small bridge over Hawsen Burn.

What is Yeavering Bell?

Yeavering Bell is a hill on the very edge of the Cheviot Hills. On it lie the remains of the largest Iron Age hillfort in the region. The tumbled stone rampart would originally have been two-and-a-half metres high and more than three metres thick.

How high is Yeavering Bell?

1158 feet The summit, 1158 feet (361 metres) above sea level, is encircled by the wall of a late-prehistoric hillfort, a tribal centre of the Votadini called in Brythonic and Old Welsh Din Gefron, from which the name stems (Old English *geafringa-).

Can you swim in Hethpool Lake?

The beautiful Hethpool Linn is only a very short walk away where there are waterfalls and you can go swimming if you are feeling brave.

Is The Cheviot a hard walk?

The Cheviot Route This route is 12.5 miles long and pretty tough, beginning at Harthorpe Valley, taking in the 2 summits of Cold Law and Broadhope Hill before heading to the top of The Cheviot and then returning via Cairn Hill. The route can be a little boggy so make sure youre wearing proper footwear.

Can you walk up The Cheviot?

This circular walk climbs to the 815m (2674ft) summit of The Cheviot, the highest hill in Northumberland. From the start point at Langleeford, we follow the Harthope Burn to ascend to Cairn Hill while passing the Harthope Linn waterfall on the way.

Are you allowed to swim in Kielder water?

While our reservoir can be great place to enjoy organised activities like this, it is very deep and cold and is a dangerous place to swim. “Under normal circumstances public swimming is never allowed.

Can you swim at Hareshaw Linn?

It was very beautiful to look at and is set in the amazing scenery of College Valley. However, the water is very shallow and fast moving in parts so not really suitable for swimming and disappointing for my purposes.

How high is Mount Cheviot?

815 m The Cheviot/Elevation

How high is The Cheviot Hill?

815 metres The Cheviot is the highest point in the Northumberland National Park at 815 metres.

How do you climb The Cheviot?

This circular walk climbs to the 815 m (2,674 ft) summit of the highest hill in the Cheviot hills. The walk begins at the parking area at Langleeford by the Harthope Burn. The route then ascends along public footpaths and with the burn on your left.

Can you swim at linhope spout?

Linhope spout itself is a great little picnic spot and a good place for a bit of wild swimming too if you are into that sort of thing and braced for the cold water.

Where is Blue Lagoon Hexham?

Fourstones The Blue Lagoon, located at the disused quarry in Fourstones, near Hexham, is a hotspot for walkers and swimmers who travel to see the stunning emerald green water. And the site, which is on private land, has proved popular among tourists who have flocked to the area following the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

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