Question: Why does Inuyashiki look so old?

Because of Ichirōs receding hair he looks much older than he actually is. Oku stated that Ichiro character creation was based in Astroboy: an original human dies and a robotic copy is created for his replacement.

Does Ichiro die Inuyashiki?

Turns out hes wrong, and despite having sacrificed himself, Ichiro also has to blow up his own ass to save humanity. The end.

Did Shishigami die?

Hiro Shishigami is the main antagonist of Inuyashiki. He is a teenage sociopath that became an android along with Ichirō Inuyashiki after being killed by a UFO out of nowhere.

Does Shion die in Inuyashiki?

However, this came to an abrupt end with a Special Assault Team raid on the apartment. Hiro killed the SAT members, but Shion and her grandmother were both shot dead.

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