Question: Who is Bruce Springsteens girlfriend?

Is Jessica Springsteen engaged?

Springsteen is in a relationship with Lorenzo de Luca, an Italian show jumper. Theyve been in a relationship since June 2018 after she split with Argentinian polo player Nic Roldan.

What age is Patti Scialfa?

68 years (July 29, 1953) Patti Scialfa/Age How old is Patti Scialfa? Being born on July 29, 1953, Patti Scialfa is 67 years old as of todays date 01 January 2021.

How much did Bruce Springsteens daughters horse cost?

According to the Sun-Sentinel report, in July the Springsteens agreed to pay $650,000 along with trading a horse they owned, valued at $200,000, to acquire Pavarotti for their daughter, Jessica Springsteen, who competes in hunters. The Springsteens paid a deposit of $25,000.

How did Jessica Springsteen get her horse to Tokyo?

Jessica Springsteen thanks horse after winning silver with U.S. team at Tokyo Olympics. Including her horse, 12-year old Don Juan van de Donkhoeve. “Biggest thank you to Don for making my dreams come true!” said Springsteen in a Monday, Aug. 9, Instagram post.

Where does Jessica Springsteen keep her horses?

Springsteen has been riding since she was four years old, with horses kept on the Springsteen familys 300-acre Stone Hill Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

What is the name of Bruce Springsteens daughter?

Jessica Springsteen Bruce Springsteen/Daughters Jessica Springsteen, Bruce Springsteens daughter, wins silver medal in equestrian team jumping final.

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