Question: How do you know if a gas cylinder is out of date?

A date should appear on the handle, near the valve indicating the manufacture date. It most often reads in a standard Month-Year format. So if your tank was built in June of 2020, it would read “06-20.” Each tank also comes stamped with a unique identification, similar to those stamped onto vehicles.

How old can a gas bottle be to refill?

10 years Cylinders cant be refilled if they havent been tested in the past 10 years, or if theyre damaged. You can tell how old your cylinder is by looking at the date stamped on the collar.

How do you store a BBQ gas bottle?

How to safely store your gas bottleAlways store and use gas bottles in an upright position.Store gas bottles in a well-ventilated place.Ensure gas bottles are stored away from sources of heat and ignition.Make sure gas bottles are stored outside, away from building entry/exit points and drains.

Is gas BBQ safe?

Barbecue safety is really important because both gas and solid fuel BBQs come with the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if not maintained or used correctly. Gas, charcoal and disposable BBQs are safe when used responsibly and our BBQ safety tips are designed to ensure you stay safe.

Where should gas bottles be stored?

LPG cylinders Cylinders should be stored preferably in the open air on a concrete or load-bearing surface. Flammable liquids, combustible, corrosive, oxidising materials, toxic materials or compressed gas cylinders should be kept separate from LPG containers in general.

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