Question: What is the c2 Greyhound used for?

The C-2A Greyhound is the primary at-sea delivery aircraft for the US Navy to transport personnel and cargo aboard underway aircraft carriers from shore bases. Dubbed the “COD” for Carrier Onboard Delivery, the C-2A can deliver a combined payload of 10,000 pounds over a distance in excess of 1,000 nm.

Does the c2 Greyhound have ejection seats?

A pilot flying a US Navy C-2 Greyhound saved eight of 11 passengers and crew members on board by making a heroic landing at sea on Wednesday. The plane had no ejection seats or parachutes, so a landing on the water was the only option.

What is a Navy Cod flight?

Carrier onboard delivery (COD) is the use of aircraft to ferry personnel, mail, supplies, and high-priority cargo, such as replacement parts, from shore bases to an aircraft carrier at sea. Several types of aircraft, including helicopters, have been used by navies in the COD role.

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