Question: What is the strongest assault in COD Mobile?

What is the most powerful AR in Call of Duty Mobile?

Best assault rifles in COD Mobile as of June 2021 The AK-47 continues to be the best automatic assault rifle. It offers insane penetration damage and is the best in mid to close range fights. The recoil can be an issue for some, but those who master it will surely wreck the battlefield.

What assault rifle does the most damage in cod mobile?

ASM10 ASM10 has a damage rate of 49, which is the highest among all the assault rifles, making it one of the deadliest guns in close and mid-range fights. Not only this, but it also has a high accuracy rate making it easier for beginners to master the weapon.

Which is better AK-47 or ASM10?

Even though the time to kill figure of ASM10 is still impressive, it is surpassed by AK-47. Both weapons deal similar damage in BR Mode, but the AK-47 has a better range cover. ASM10 has the highest damage, fairly good accuracy especially for the first few shots, and poor mobility in terms of weapon speed.

What gun is Man-O-War?

assault rifle The Man-O-War is unlocked at level 28, and costs one Unlock Token to unlock it. It is a high damage assault rifle with a low rate of fire and high recoil. It will kill in three shots out to 37.5 meters, and will be a four hit kill from any range beyond that. In Hardcore it will kill in one shot at all ranges.

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