Question: Where does Darksiders Genesis fit in the story?

Have you played Darksiders Genesis? The story takes place before the events of Darksiders 1. The demon king, Lucifer, has been plotting to upset the Balance by granting power to master demons throughout Hell, and the two Horsemen have been tasked with stopping them.

Is Darksiders Genesis the first?

Its the end of the world, and yet, its also a beginning, as Darksiders Genesis is ultimately a prequel. Finally, the franchise thats been running throughout the decade presents the last of four playable horsemen, giving a finishing touch to the series apocalyptic theme.

Is Darksiders Genesis a sequel to Darksiders 3?

It shipped Darksiders III in 2018, working with developer Gunfire Games. And now THQ Nordic has revealed that Airship Syndicate — which was formed by four Vigil veterans including Madureira — is working on a new game, Darksiders Genesis. It is not a sequel to Darksiders III.

Should I play Darksiders before Genesis?

Never play Darksiders game. it will help a little bit if you played the other games cause you know some weapons and mechanics similar between all games. But you want be lost cause its a prequel having its own story and charakter with the top view hack and slay style.

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