Question: Is the dunk real or fake?

What is the dunk real or fake?

While some say this pair is real, others say they are fake, but overall its a big mix up. This Nike Dunk SB is called “What the Dunk” for the logo on the insoles, but this pair is FAKE. You can tell by many reasons (logos of Raygun and Pigeon off, cement print and more) but the concept is REAL!

How can you tell fake high dunks?

Brief the toe box of your High Dunsk, as the replica Nike Dunk High pairs usually have their toe boxes too thin. Check the Nike Swoosh logo on the side of your shoes, since the fake pairs commonly have their stitching threads too thin and too long. Analyze the badge on the tongue of your High Dunks.

How can you tell if Nike SB are fake?

Fake shoes have a noticeably thin or thick swoosh. The stitching that attaches the emblem to the shoes is often not along the edges. It tends to run inwards. Turn the shoes over and look at the soles. Real Nike SB Dunks will have Nike and the registered trademark sign, as well as a swoosh and the trademark sign.

Are the 711 dunks real?

In fact, not only did Nike confirm that a 7-Eleven x SB Dunk Low is, in fact, a real project, but various sneakerheads have been able to get a look at the upcoming pair.

Why didnt the 7 Eleven dunks release?

The shoe was originally set to coincide with the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo as a nod to the citys convenience stores. Since the Games has been postponed until 2021, Nike has decided to cancel the release.

What is SB Dunk?

Description. Designed by James Arizumi, the What the Dunk is one of the most coveted models of sneakers that Nike ever released. Rare What the Dunk sneakers designed by James Arizumi. Combined materials and patterns from the most iconic Dunk SBs.

Why are dunks so rare?

These sneakers are highly coveted, and over the past 30 days, the average SB Dunk has sold for 375% more than their average retail price. However, like all markets, it ultimately comes down to supply and demand — if a product has a community of collectors and an active market, trade will flourish.”

Why are Dunk lows so hard?

Nike needs to compound its success and they need to do it quickly. “I think Nike have tried to protect the Dunk as one of their true icons and have seen demand grow very quickly. Keeping the numbers low in the market and creating hype has made the shoe even harder to obtain.”

Is the dunk hype dying?

Life is one big cycle filled with smaller cycles. As Highsnobietys year-end sneaker report showed (using StockX data), resell prices for newly-released Nike Dunks have fallen somewhat. In January 2020, the average resell price was just over $200.

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