Question: Is Shim Su Ryeon dead?

Penthouse 3: War in Life and its previous seasons played around with the lead characters death so much that it is hard to believe Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) is dead at this point in the show. In episode 12, for instance, despite the chandelier dropping on her, Cheon Seo-jin managed to escape.

Is Shim Su Ryeon alive in Season 2?

However, unbeknownst to Cheon Seo Jin, she would be made collateral damage when she eventually realises that Shim Su Ryeon is alive and that she helped her accomplish her revenge.

What episode does Shim Su Ryeon come back?

The Penthouse S2 Ep 5 & 6 RECAP: Shim Su Ryeon is back as the saga of deception & defeat continues. We are halfway through the second season and The Penthouse S2 shows no signs of stopping at all!

Who killed Shim Soo Ryeon?

At the end of Season 1, Joo Dan Tae Murder Shim Su Ryeon.

Who is SU Ryeons daughter?

Kim Mi-sooks biological daughter; raised by Shim Su-ryeon. She was switched at birth with Min Seol-ah. Being born sickly during birth, Joo Dan-tae tried to kill her in order to get her share of properties but Su-ryeon saved her and sent her to America where she currently resides.

Who is Min Seol a killer?

Oh Yoon Hee, the Real Killer of Min Seol A (Episode 16)

Is Joo Dan Tae psychopath?

The Penthouse has 3 seasons with 10 episodes and what drives Penthouse and Mine Kdrama towards popularity are the two evil characters that fans love to hate. Joo Dan Tae from Penthouse and Han Ji Young from Mine Kdrama, are the epitome of psychopath and evil.

Did Joo Dan Tae like Oh Yoon?

Joo Dan Tae, who had an affair with several women at the Penthouse, was also able to make Oh Yoon Hee fall in love with him. Meanwhile, SBS confirmed filming for The Penthouse has been completed and that they will continue for the second and third seasons.

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