Question: How do you have babies in Pocket God?

Creating a baby To make a baby, go to the Chamber of Time (inside of Apocalypse Islands temple). Put a pygmy on the time platform, move the lever until the time platforms on the near left and touch the platform. The Pygmy rewinds back in time and turns to a Baby.

Does Pocket God still work?

The 47th update for the Pocket God mobile game will be the final one. After 6 million paid downloads and 1.3 million in-app purchases, mobile game studio Bolt Creative has decided it is time to call it quits on the four-year old game.

What is the goal of Pocket God?

The goal of the game is to expand the established world in which the player takes the role of a god and manipulates features of islands and their inhabitants, and adds the ability to torment Pygmies with your friends, along with gaining the ability to share your progress and your in-game triumphs in Facebook.

How do you beat the T Rex boss in Pocket God?

To damage the T-Rex, the Pygmies have to throw the spear at it. Pick up the the spear and drop it on a Pygmy. who will catch it and throw it. The Pygmy always throws it at the same trajectory, speed and distance, meaning you have to plan where the T-Rex is going to be when you drop the spear.

How do you get the dinosaur in Pocket God?

To make it appear, you must toggle on the T-Rex Egg icon and the T-Rex Boss icon in the island menu. Drop the Tyrannosaurus Rex Egg and it will crack. When the T-Rex Egg has been dropped and cracked three times, a Baby T-Rex will stick its head out of the egg and call out. This will bring forth the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What happens if you restore purchases?

What will restore will do? Basically, if you delete the app, move to a new phone, whatever, your purchases will no longer be available on that device. Restore Purchases asks iTunes what of the available in-app purchases youve paid for.

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