Question: What are some cute Korean words?

How can I be cute in Korean?

If you want to add some cuteness and adorability into the way you speak Korean, then aegyo may just be the thing you need! You may be asking, “what is the meaning of the Korean word aegyo?”...Full-on body movement aegyo.KoreanRomanizationMeaning귀여운 척하지 마세요kwiyowoon chokhaji maseyostop pretending to be cute8 Sep 2021

What does kawaii mean in Korean?

kawaii (可愛い) is Japanese and aegyo (애교) is korean kawaii is japanese adjective meaning cute. when you see a tiny toy or colorful baby clothes you can say kawaii. aegyo 애교 is korean noun meaning acting cute, flirting like a cute kid. 1)most asian ppl think being cute and young like a kid is attractive.

What is Kyo in Korean?

귀엽다 = gwi yeop da (used in casual conversation) And yes, it means cute.

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