Question: Where is the Nimbasa city gym?

The Nimbasa City Gym (ライモンジム Raimon Jimu) is located in the amusement park of Nimbasa City. In Black and White, to get to the Gym Leader, the player must press buttons and ride roller coasters. Some trainers are hiding inside these roller coasters.

Where is the new gym in Nimbasa city?

Gym Information The New Nimbasa City Gym is east of the Ferris Wheel.

How do you get to Nimbasa City Gym in Black 2?

Before challenging the Gym, you must clear out the former Gym (Rollercoaster) in the Amusement Park. Enter the Gym and talk to Clyde to receive a Fresh Water. This Gym is extremely simple. All you have to do is walk down the runway and battle three trainers before reaching the Gym Leader.

How do you get through Nimbasa gym?

Pick up your Fresh Water at the door upon entering the Gym. The Nimbasa Gym is something of a maze. Follow these steps to get to the Leader....Local Items.ItemsTMs and HMsBolt Badge (Defeat Gym)TM72 Volt Switch (Defeat Gym)16 Oct 2016

Where can I train in Nimbasa city?

Nimbasa City is a large city in central Unova. There are three routes that connect to Nimbasa City: South is Route 4, North East is Route 16, and North West is Route 5....Nimbasa City.Pokemon CenterPotion300Super Potion700Hyper Potion1200Revive150015 more rows•10 Oct 2012

Where is 4th gym Pokemon Black?

Nimbasa City Elesa (Japanese: カミツレ Kamitsure) is a model who is the Gym Leader of Nimbasa Citys Gym, known officially as the Nimbasa Gym. She specializes in Electric-type Pokémon....Elesa.Elesa カミツレ KamitsureThe Shining BeautyGenerationVGamesBlack and White, Black 2 and White 2, Masters EXLeader ofNimbasa Gym16 more rows

Where is the electric Gym Leader Black 2?

Nimbasa City Elesa (Japanese Name: Kamitsure カミツレ) is the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City. Her team consists of Electric Type Pokemon, and her special move is Volt Switch....Challenge Mode Team.Emolga ♀TypeElectric / FlyingVolt Switch Quick Attack Pursuit Aerial AceAbilityStaticHold ItemSitrus Berry1 more row•12 Oct 2012

What level is Skylas?

Level 40 Challenge ModeLeader SkylaSwoobatSkarmoryBattle Type Single Battle ItemsLevel 40Level 40UnawareSturdyAttacks: Acrobatics Psychic Energy Ball AttractAttacks: Aerial Ace Steel Wing X-scissor1 more row

Where should I train before Nimbasa gym?

As a suggestion, wed recommend first tackling Old Nimbasa City Gym, then taking on Route 5 and Route 16 before finally challenging the New Nimbasa City Gym. This will allow you to train up to a standard thats able to defeat Elesa, the gym leader.

Where is the gym leader in Nimbasa city?

The Nimbasa City Gym (ライモンジム Raimon Jimu) is located in the amusement park of Nimbasa City. In Black and White, to get to the Gym Leader, the player must press buttons and ride roller coasters. Some trainers are hiding inside these roller coasters.

Where is Driftveil City Gym Leader?

After you go west through Route 5 and cross Driftveil Drawbridge, you reach Driftveil City. The Gym Leader is Clay. The red line indicates the path of least resistance to Clay, the gym leader; if you want to get through Driftveil Gym in a hurry, use this path.

How do you beat Driftveil gym?

Driftveil City Gym (Ground Type Pokemon)Take the first elevator down.Go right and fight Worker Felix. Walk onto the rear right elevator and take it up. Take the elevator back down and walk onto the background walkway. Walk to the right and take the elevator up. Take the bottom, rear left elevator up.16 Oct 2016

Is Emolga good?

Even as a Pokemon in general, its just a terrible choice. Emolga has low stats but thats not what makes it bad: its stats re so horribly placed that it cant do anything! This thing has nothing to set up with that Speed, its typing is pretty good, but most Pokemon online who learn Earthquake also learn Stone Edge.

Can you rematch gym leaders in Black 2?

In Black 2 and White 2, Gym Leaders can be rematched in the Unova Leaders Tournament at the Pokémon World Tournament.

Where do I grind before elesa?

2 Answers. The Stadiums are great ways to grind, as the Pokemon are pretty high in level. I would also suggest Lostlorn Forest, you can find Heracross/Pinsir, Roselia, and Swadloon, all of whom give pretty nice experience. You also have the random shaking grass Audino, which of course are just walking Rare Candy.

Where can I train in Castelia city?

The best area to train before heading to this gym is subway underground and in the buildings of Castelia City. There are some rock Pokemon in the tunnels that will work well against the bug Pokemon of the Gym. The gym has 4 trainers for warm up and has cocoon paths to take you to Burgh.

How do you beat Emolga?

Emolga is weak to Ice and Rock moves. The ideal choice to use against Emolga, in terms of defense, is Sandile. However, Sandiles ground moves wont work, so it needs to have some Dark moves to be able to fight Emolga. Some other choices that dont have quite as good defenses are Palpitoad and Drilbur.

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