Question: Is Field mustard a turnip?

Turnip, (Brassica rapa, variety rapa), also known as white turnip, hardy biennial plant in the mustard family (Brassicaceae), cultivated for its fleshy roots and tender growing tops. The roots are also cooked and served whole or mashed and are used in stews.

How have turnips been selectively bred from field mustard?

Turnip is a type of root vegetables that belongs to the mustard family. It originates from Europe. Turnip was created through the process of selective breeding of wild turnip. Turnip grows in areas with cold climate, on fertile, well-drained soil, exposed to direct sunlight.

Can I eat field mustard?

All wild mustards are edible, but some are tastier than others. Greens are most succulent when young and tender. Older leaves may be a bit too strong for some palates. Seeds and flowers are also edible.

What family does mustard belong?

Mustards Cabbages/Family

Is turnip a fruit or vegetable?

Turnips (Brassicarapa) are a root vegetable and member of the cruciferous family, along with other vegetables like bok choy, Brussels sprouts, and kale. Theyre one of the worlds most important vegetable crops, as theyre used to feed both humans and cattle ( 1 ).

Are turnips self pollinating?

Turnips and rutabagas are cross- pollinated by insects; however, some self-pollination does occur. Bee-pollinated plants produce better quality seed with higher germination and better seedling vigor when bee hives are provided.

What are turnips for kids?

Turnips are starchy root vegetables that grow well in places with cold winters. In fact, ancient people harvested turnips throughout the winter. Without this hardy crop, they probably wouldve gone hungry. Fun Facts. Turnips arent related to potatoes; they are related to radishes, mustard, and collard greens.

Is mustard a Tetramerous?

A. Brassicaceae – Tetramerous flowers, six stamens, bicarpellary gynoecium, siliqua type fruit. Poaceae- Trimerous flowers, three stamens, monocarpellary gynoecium, caryopsis type of fruit. ...

Can I eat turnips raw?

Raw or cooked, turnips are incredibly versatile: Boil or steam turnips and add them to mashed potatoes for extra vitamins and minerals. Grate them raw into salads or slaws. Roast them with other root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes, and bring out their natural sweetness.

How do you pollinate without bees?

0:173:39Greenhouse Pollination without Bees - YouTubeYouTube

Can you grow cucumbers in a screened in porch?

Not only is planting cucumbers in pots easy, but its possible to grow them even if your outdoor space consists only of a small screened porch or patio. All these plants need is the right amount of sunshine, fertile soil, and a large enough pot to accommodate their root system.

How do I get my child to eat turnips?

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