Question: What kind of name is Yuko?

The name Yuko is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Abundant, Gentleness, Child.

What nationality is the name Yuko?

Japanese Yūko or Yuko (ゆうこ, ユウコ) or Yuuko is a common feminine Japanese given name.

What does Yuko mean in judo?

Effective / Moderate advantage In Judo, the Yuko (Effective / Moderate advantage) refers to a point which is awarded in accordance with the Judgment of a technique. A Yuko (Effective / Moderate advantage) is never converted to a Waza-ari or an Ippon gachi (Win by ippon), regardless of how many are awarded to the contestant.

What does yuno name mean in Japanese?

hot spring SHARE. A Japanese boy name meaning hot spring or my reason.

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