Question: Why isnt there an end portal in my stronghold?

While it is rare, its possible in any version of Minecraft that the portal room got overwritten by a cave, a ravine or a mineshaft (even in Java Editions, where strongholds initially always generate with an end portal), in which case you have no other option but to find a different stronghold.

Why isnt there an end portal in my stronghold?

All strongholds always have a portal; in fact, the game will regenerate the structure until a portal room has been added. The only way you will ever not find one is due to a generation error or updates when a stronghold straddles chunks generated in two different versions.

How do you activate the end portal in stronghold?

End Portals can only be found in the portal room of a stronghold, and you need to venture quite deep into the stronghold to find it, but once you do, youll find it hanging over a pool of lava. To activate the End Portal, you need to place an Eye of Ender on each of the 12 frames lining the portal.

What y level is the end portal on?

Generation. The exit portal always generates at the coordinates 0,0 in the End biome, and is de-activated whenever an ender dragon fight is in progress. The y-level of the portal is determined by the height of the terrain, placing the portal blocks at the y-level of the highest block found at 0,0 .

Is it possible for a stronghold to not have a portal ps4?

After doing some more digging i found out that Java doesnt always have portals and Bedrock occasionally produces strongholds without portals: There doesnt appear to be a portal at this stronghold.

What y level do end portals spawn?

They spawn in light levels of 7 or less. Be careful when killing the Enderman, because theyre powerful enough to kill you.

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