Question: What is meaning of GYES?

1a : man, fellow. b : person —used in plural to refer to the members of a group regardless of sex saw her and the rest of the guys.

What kind of word is guys?

Plural of guy.

What does Guy mean in slang?

a man or boy; fellow: Hes a nice guy. guys ,Informal. people, regardless of their sex: Could one of you guys help me with this? Chiefly British Slang. a grotesquely dressed person.

What does the term you guys mean?

informal : you —used in speech and informal writing to refer to or address two or more people How are things with you guys?

Whats the opposite of guy?

What is the opposite of guy?enemygirllassfemale

Are men formal?

It is very normal in English speaking workplaces. I think for day to day interactions with coworkers guy is appropriate, but in a more formal setting something like someone, person/people, or gentleman/men (when applicable) might be better.

Why do people call you guy?

Regarding formality, politeness in conversation, guy is not used as a polite or respectful way of addressing a man. In fact, its not a formal term of address. Even in informal speech, the plural Guys! (m., neut.) is used as a term of address or an expression to call attention for a group, not the singular guy.

What do you call a guy that is feminine?

Modern context. Femboy (alternatively spelled femboi) is a modern slang term generally used to refer to a young person who identifies as male or non-binary who displays traditionally feminine characteristics, such as wearing dresses and skirts. It is a portmanteau of feminine and boy.

Is it OK to say hi guys?

New rule- “Hi guys!!” NEVER say this . Unless you are the daringly informal guest speaker at the annual meeting of The Society Of People Named Guy.

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