Question: What is the old gateau?

The Old Gateau (Japanese: もりのヨウカン Forest Yōkan) is a type of medicine introduced in Generation IV. It is a local specialty of the Old Chateau and cures a Pokémon from all non-volatile status conditions and confusion.

What happened at the Old Chateau?

The ghost girl and the butler keep haunting the old Chateau driving away trespassers… sometimes even bringing them to harm. Many more ghosts like Gastly and Haunter start lodging in the dilapidated mansion. Eventually, people start avoiding the Chateau and it gets overgrown with trees and bushes due to extreme neglect.

Is the Old Chateau optional?

The Old Chateau is an optional location to explore in Pokemon Platinum. Its found in the northeast section of Eterna Forest, and can only be accessed after youve earned the Forest Badge.

Whats in the Old Chateau?

The Old Chateau is a haunted mansion and houses many ghosts. Ghost-Type Pokémon - the mansion is infested with Ghost-Type Pokémon (just Gastly, from exploration), including a Rotom that haunts a television. The player must thump the TV to get the Rotom to appear and battle them.

Is rotom a good Pokemon?

This in combination with Will-O-Wisp and the ability to run Toxic to check walls makes Mow Rotom a very good Pokemon to control the mid game. Unique Typing - Mow Rotom is still the only Grass/Electric typing, which gives it a very unique niche over other Electric-types and Grass-types respectively.

What is Buneary hidden ability?

Pokédex dataNational №427SpeciesRabbit PokémonHeight0.4 m (1′04″)Weight5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)Abilities1. Run Away 2. Klutz Limber (hidden ability)2 more rows

How do you get a rotom in Pokémon Diamond?

1:092:45How to find Rotom in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - YouTubeYouTube

Is Rotom legendary?


Is Rotom rare?

Rotom is a rare returning electric ghost in Pokémon Sword & Shield with a very unique feature. Using a hard-to-find item, you can change Rotoms form, giving him a variety of different elemental attacks! That makes Rotom one of the most unique Pokémon in the game, and you can change his form whenever you want.

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