Question: What is Ghost of Tsushima bonus content?

The bonus content for Ghost Of Tsushima includes a mini art book and directors commentary. Meanwhile, pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe version will get you the same plus the directors commentary, art book, and the following in-game bonuses: One technical point. Charm of Hachimans Favour.

Will ghost of Tsushima legends get more content?

Share All sharing options for: Ghost of Tsushimas multiplayer mode is getting new content and a standalone release. Ghost of Tsushimas multiplayer mode, Legends, is getting some new free content and a standalone release, Sony and developer Sucker Punch announced Wednesday.

Can I delete the ghost of Tsushima bonus content?

If youre low on space and want to save 22 GB on your PS4s hard drive, you can delete the Ghost of Tsushima Bonus Content with no ill effects on the main game. The pre-order bonus costume is downloaded as part of the main game, so you dont risk losing any DLC by getting rid of the directors commentary.

Is Legends mode open world?

Ghost of Tsushiuma: Legends, the post-launch, multiplayer add-on to Sucker Punch Productions 2020 open-world adventure, will be available as a stand-alone product on Sept. 3, two weeks after Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut launches for PlayStation 5 and PS4. 20, or Ghost of Tsushima: Legends on Sept.

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