Question: What do you do with a top operator tag?

How rare is the top operator tag?

roughly 1 in 650 Chances of getting Top Operator was roughly 1 in 650. Chances of getting Senior Operator was roughly the same as Top Operator. Chances of getting any Tag that alone guarantees a 5 Star or higher Operator was around 1 in 150.

Can you lose top operator tag?

No, When a new Operator is added to the recruitable pool, all existing Recruitment Tags will be refreshed. This means it is not possible to save a Top Operator or Senior Operator tag for a future unit. Players should use these Tags when they get them.

Does top operator guarantee a 6 star?

Top Operator – Guarantees 6 Star.

What is top operator transfer?

The Top Operator Transfer Permit is a recruitment item in Arknights. Description. Allows you to select a 6-star Operator from a past Headhunting Pool up to and including Enthusiasm, Expansion, Explosion.

Is Top operator guaranteed?

* The Top Operator Tag guarantees a ★6 Operator if set to more than 9 hours. Use the other tags to filter & get the Operator that you want!

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