Question: Is Kyo a cat or dog Fortnite?

Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass: Pets At Tier 28 youll unlock Kyo, a robot cat that comes in a variety of colors you can add as you advance through the Battle Pass.

What animal is kyo in fortnite?

Kyo is an Epic Pet in Battle Royale that could be obtained by reaching Tier 28 of the Season 9|Season 9 Battle Pass.

Are there cats in fortnite?

Hes one swole cat....Battle Royale.LynxSetLynxSourceBattle Pass Season 76 more rows

What was the first pet in fortnite?

Bonesy Bonesy was the first Pet introduced to Fortnite, near the start of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

What is the name of the fortnite cat?

Meowscles is a muscular humanoid cat, originally known as Buff Cat, with a built-in emote called Swole Cat. He has 4 edit styles: Default, GHOST, SHADOW and Golden Agent.

Does Fortnite have pets?

Pets are companion cosmetics in Battle Royale and Save the World that acts similarly to a Back Bling and were introduced in Season 6 as Battle Pass Rewards with custom unlockable styles. There are currently 11 pets.

How do I get a Fortnite pet?

They are available via purchase and leveling of the Battle Pass, buying directly from the Item Shop, or by completing challenges. The pets usually come in three varieties, typically with additional colors.

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