Question: What does it mean when you dream about being in a broken elevator?

What does an elevator symbolize in a dream?

Dreams about elevators usually symbolize a promotion or demotion in reality and your reactions to these situations. These dreams are common when trying to make a few adjustments in life to accomplish goals and desires. Dreams of going up in an elevator reflect your desires to improve your status in your waking life.

What does elevator falling dream mean?

In your dream, you start off high and then drop down. The elevator almost taunts you by stopping for a moment, then resuming the drop. This could be a symbolic illustration of anxiety--a fear that you will drop from a height you have reached, fear that you will drop from favor or lose status.

What do injuries in dreams mean?

Usual meanings: You feel emotionally hurt, damaged or fear becoming so. You feel like youre coming apart. The dream may be warning you of an oncoming physical risk to yourself or a loved one. It may also express your wish that the person would go away or a fear of losing them.

What happens if an elevator falls?

Most likely, a falling elevator wont be totally unobstructed. But if it was, you would get to experience weightlessness for a few seconds before being crushed like a bug. Because what happens to your fragile body in a falling elevator cant be undone by any “tricks” like jumping at the last second.

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