Question: What style of writing is Dracula?

Draculas style is epistolary, which means the novel is composed of diary entries, telegrams, letters, and memos. They also tend to narrate events in an episodic manner, recording them in their letters and journal entries shortly after they have occurred.

Is Dracula a Gothic text?

Dracula is primarily an example of Gothic fiction, a genre that developed in the late eighteenth century and remained popular in the nineteenth century. After Harkers encounter with Dracula in Transylvania, Stoker moves the action to the “familiar” terrain of modern England. ...

What is the structure of Dracula?

Bram Stoker develops the structure of his story through the use of letters and diary entries. This classifies the novel as an example of the epistolary genre. With these letters and other entries, the chronology of the novel is not always linear. This means that the story does not follow chronological order.

How is Dracula a Gothic novel?

Dracula by Bram Stoker has many of the features of the classic Gothic genre. These include motifs like a dark setting, heightened emotions, and the use of a damsel in distress and a mystery plot. In Dracula some of the main themes or universal concepts include transformation and unrequited love.

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