Question: Who are Costcos customers?

Costco has more than 813 warehouses around the world, with 562 in the US. The wholesale club has about 275,000 employees and made more than $163 billion in 2020. Its average customer is a 39-year-old Asian American woman whos married and earns $125,000, Numerator found. See more stories on Insiders business page.

Who are Costcos target customers?

Costcos target market is middle to upper-income and educated customers such as those working in management, medicine, finance, law, IT, and government as of 2021. Costcos market is not generally gender or ethnicity-specific, but it does target people who are aged 30 and above and have their own families.

What does Costco do for its customers?

Creating a strong store brand shows that Costco cares about its customers and wants them to have great products at a great price. It also creates a consistent experience for customers, who know that the store brand products will still be great quality, no matter the item.

Who is the target market for Walmart?

In fact, Walmarts target market is everyday consumers who want to save money on essential and non-essential items. Basically, people who shop at Walmart are looking to receive great prices on items because they work hard for their money.

Is Target any better than Walmart?

Bottom Line Looking at the stock gain over the past one-year, Target has delivered higher returns compared to Walmart. However, based on Wall Street consensus and upside potential, Walmart currently seems to be the better choice.

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