Question: What is the synonym of Vault?

cellar, basement, underground chamber, crypt, undercroft, catacomb, cavern. burial chamber, tomb, sepulchre. 3valuables stored in the vault

What is the opposite of Vault?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of a large underground room or chamber, especially one used for storage. attic. Noun.

What is a synonym for Bunker?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for bunker. crawlway, foundation, hold, vault.

What is the synonym of storage?

What is another word for storage?storehouserepositorydepositorywarehousedepotmagazinecachearsenalrepertorystockpile26 more rows

Whats another word for census?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for census, like: poll, demographics, statement, specification, numeration, tally, listing, census returns, evaluation, figures and numbering.

What is another name for a bank vault?

What is another word for bank vault?safe-deposit boxcoffersafestrongboxvaultcash boxpersonal vaultsafe-deposit vaultsafety-deposit boxstrong room40 more rows

What does it mean when you call someone a bunker?

: a state of mind especially among members of a group that is characterized by chauvinistic defensiveness and self-righteous intolerance of criticism.

What blockhouse means?

1a : a structure of heavy timbers formerly used for military defense with sides loopholed and pierced for gunfire and often with a projecting upper story. b : a small easily defended building for protection from enemy fire.

What is another name for storage device?

What is another word for storage device?drivedisk drivemicrodriveflash drivepen drivethumb driveUSB driveUSB keykey drivekeyring drive

What is census example?

Collection of data from a whole population rather than just a sample. Example: doing a survey of travel time by ... asking everyone at school is a census (of the school). but asking only 50 randomly chosen people is a sample.

What is the opposite word of census?

The word census typically refers to a periodical survey of a population. There are no categorical antonyms for this word....What is the opposite of census?estimateguessballpark figurerough calculation2 more rows

Is Bonkers a slang word?

adjective Slang. mentally unbalanced; mad; crazy.

What is the slang term for the bunker in golf?

Take a seat in the dugout: Said to a golfer who hit into the sand, the dugout being the bunker.

What was a blockhouse used for?

Blockhouses are small, strongly-built defensive structures, often built in forward positions. Designed to house guns and protect gunners and their ammunition from attack, they were used from the late 14th to mid-17th centuries.

What is the burg?

1 : an ancient or medieval fortress or walled town. 2 [German Burg] : city, town.

What kind of verb is jumping?

jump. [intransitive] to move quickly off the ground or away from a surface by pushing yourself with your legs and feet “Quick, jump!” he shouted. + adv./prep. to jump into the air/over a wall/into the water The children were jumping up and down with excitement. She jumped down from the chair.

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