Question: Are food co-ops cheaper?

Co-ops usually have a lower overhead than most grocery stores and offer the capacity to buy in bulk, which can actually lead to lower prices. Some organic or other specialty foods are inherently more expensive, but owners can choose to stock and offer lower cost options as well.

Are food co-ops good?

Its probably pretty obvious, but if you value organic food and supporting your local community, a co-op is a great thing. You can be sure to get produce or meat that was produced locally, organically, and get the freshest possible ingredients.

Why should I join a food co-op?

Co-ops keep more money in their local economy, increase the market and access for locally produced food, and prioritize business practices that are good for people and the planet. No other grocery store is so deeply rooted right in their community.

Are food coops for profit?

A food cooperative, in contrast, is directly owned by both its employees and its members, people who shop at the cooperative and who typically pay a nominal fee for joining. When the store makes a profit, much as with a corporation, these profits are either divided among the members or reinvested in the business.

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