Question: How much does Sensei Lanai cost?

The Guided Sensei Experience starts at $1,610 per night for double occupancy, including room, personal guide, and $1,200 in daily wellness credits to use toward the Experiences Menu of spa services, one-on-one wellness and fitness consultations, sports and island activities.

Are meals included Sensei Lanai?

All meals are included and served at the main Nobu restaurant (there are no real set times, you sort of show up when you have a break in your schedule and youre hungry). The restaurant is a beautiful glass and wood building that looks over the hotels gardens. Theres also a hotel bar that serves cocktails and snacks.

Who owns the Lanai Four Seasons?

Ellison Ellison owns almost the entirety of Lanai. He bought nearly 98 per cent of the island in 2012 for a reported US$300 million; his purchase included 87,000 (35,200 hectares) of the islands 90,000 acres (36,400 hectares) of land.

Is it worth visiting Lanai?

Is Lanai Worth Visiting? Without a doubt, Lanai is worth visiting. It appeals to a number of people: from those seeking luxury to people who are looking to explore the pristine reef. There is something for everyone on the island.

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