Question: Is it OK for AC to get wet?

Rain is not harmful to your AC unit, whether it is a central system or window unit. A little bit of rain can actually have a positive impact, but there is more to the story. Depending on your climate, there are certain weather patterns that you may want to prepare for when it comes to AC upkeep and maintenance.

Can air conditioners be rained on?

The electrical connections and components are sealed to be impervious to the indirect moisture posed by rainfall. So, heavy rain alone should have no effect on the reliability and performance of your air conditioning unit.

Should I cover AC in rain?

In most cases, the condenser unit should never be covered. Rain cannot harm the condenser, as long as the moisture can evaporate freely, and neither can the cooler weather of a Florida winter. Otherwise, simply keep the condenser free of debris, and rinse the dirt out periodically.

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